The Yummy Project

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A project started for the love of local food!

The Yummy Project is a concept that helps restaurants promote their best dishes, approved by locals.  We may not all crave a particular restaurant…but we all have craved a certain dish before!  This concept was created after I had the Montreal Sandwich at Boca in Tampa, Fl.  I ate it several times that week and it was a dish I wished to truly share with others!  So this is how we are sharing!

Any person or restaurant can submit a picture of a dish to The Yummy Project.  The submitted pictures and details will be posted on the site with sharing capabilities.  Once a submitted food picture gets 100 Facebook likes we will head over to the restaurant to film the dish and make an OFFICIAL YUMMY PROJECT video!

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The Service

Nope!  If a restaurant has amazing service but bad food are you rushing back?  Probably not!

The Atmosphere

It is the perfect blend of your favorite decor.  It has romance in the air.  The service is amazing, but the food sucks……Is this your new favorite place for date night?  Don’t think so!

The Food

This is it!  The FOOD is the most important and we would argue the only important thing about a restaurant.  Yes, it is wonderful when a restaurant has all the needed attributed to be amazing but this is why we break it down to focus on the food only.  If the service stinks & the atmosphere is horrible but the food is so yummy you find yourself looking forward to each bite, you have found an official Yummy Project dish and we need you to tells us about it!

Bada BingDr Pepper RibsItalian Supreme



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